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After pool construction is complete, sanitizing your water is very important. Properly sanitized water will keep your water crystal clear and feeling great against your skin. Chlorine is the industry choice when it comes to sanitizing pool water. Advances in technology have made chlorinating your water easier and safer for your family and friends. Pool Town offers the 3 most popular sanitizing options below. Contact your Pool Town representative with any questions relating to pool water sanitization.

Automatic Chlorinators

Uses Trichlor or Bromine tablets

Hayward automatic chlorinators

Hayward automatic chlorinators are ideal for in-ground applications during new pool construction or aftermarket installations. All units incorporate a durable ABS body along with a high quality Viton® seal and an ergonomically designed cover to allow for simple lid removal.

These chlorinators have been around for decades and do the job well. They are filled with tablets available at Pool Town or other pools supply companies.

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FROG Fresh Mineral Water

Kills Bacteria with Minerals and a Low Level of Chlorine

POOL FROG® Model 5400

Here’s the secret sauce behind all FROG Products. Fresh Mineral Water spells the end of itchy, scratchy, over-chlorinated water. It’s pure bliss.

Cleaner - Because it kills bacteria 2 ways, with minerals and a low level of chlorine.

Clearer - Minerals help keep the pH balanced for clear water that sparkles and shines.

Softer - Minerals condition the water for a softer, friendlier feel against the skin.

Easier - Everything’s pre-filled, so there’s no mess, no guess, no stress—making maintenance easier.

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AquaRite® Salt Chlorinators

Unmatched comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

AquaRite® Salt Chlorinators

Salt chlorination delivers the 3C's - Comfort and Convenience at a Cost you'll love.

Comfort: Salt Chlorinators continuously oxidize and create pure "Free Chlorine". With salt chlorination, you will have luxuriously soft, continuously sanitized water without the unpleasant side effects of traditional chlorine.

Convenience: Salt chlorinators continuously chlorinate your pool's water automatically. You will no longer have to buy, handle, mix or store chlorine, which saves time and money and keeps you from direct contact with a potentially harmful chemical.

Cost: Salt chlorination can save you 50% or more on chlorine costs. Because chlorine is converted back to salt after use, it can be used again to make chlorine. Salt does not wear out, degrade or evaporate. Your pool will have a constant supply of salt to continuously convert into fresh, pure chlorine. The amount of salt in the pool water is minimal at 3,000 PPM. By contrast, Ocean water has 35,000 PPM and Human tears have 9,000 PPM.

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