Optimum Pool Package


Includes 9 of our most popular accessories (included at half price).
Any of the accessories can be deleted.

6' Natural Waterfall

Natural Stone Waterfall | Optimum Pool Package
$3,000 - INCLUDED!
Enjoy the beauty and sound of water cascading off of a natural stone waterfall (modern versions are also available).

Hayward Salt System

$2,000 - INCLUDED!
Reduce your maintenance to a minimum with the addition of a Hayward salt system.

4 Ambient LED Lights

$3,600 - INCLUDED!
Color changing lights provide an opulent experience. Also comes with two light show effects and a remote control.

8' Sun Deck

$3,600 - INCLUDED!
Sun bathe partially submerged in your pool or in an optional in-pool chair. There is just so much more you can do on a sundeck.

Stamped Concrete

Optimum-Stamped Concrete
$3,000 - INCLUDED!
The Optimum Pool Package surrounds your pool with 3' of stamped concrete. Additional square footage available.

Winter Cover

$450 - INCLUDED!
Helps prevent dirt and debris from entering your pool.

Deep-end Bench

$2,200 - INCLUDED!
Replace the ladder with the Ultimate love Seat!
A deep-end rest area.

Real Tile / Granite Coping

Wall-Tile-005-with boorder
$2,400 - INCLUDED!
A Pool Town Exclusive! Choose real granite or glass tile (shown).
A finishing touch that will stand out.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

$950 - INCLUDED!
A hassle free and efficient solution to a clean pool. Vacuums and scrubs the floor and the walls.

2020 'Optimum' Pool Package Pricing

All Optimum Accessories Included at 50% off!

14' x 30' Grecian

Pool Town's Optimum Pool Pricing 2020

Includes Over $10,000 in
'Optimum' Accessories!

* Coupons Applied

12' x 15' x 24'  add $       0
14' x 18' x 30'  add $1,300
16' x 20' x 34'  add $2,900
18' x 22' x 36'  add $4,100
20' x 24' x 40'  add $6,200


Modern Rectangle

12' x 24'  less $  800
14' x 30'  add $  800
16' x 32'  add $1,700
18' x 36'  add $3,800
20' x 40'  add $5,700


Grecian Lazy Ell

17' x  20' x  36'  add $2,600
20' x  25' x  42'  add $5,100

Blue Lagoon

17' x 33'  add $1,500
19' x 35'  add $2,500
24' x 41'  add $4,800

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NOTE: 'Optimum' Pool Package Accessories are included at half price and can be deducted at half of the listed price.  Pictures may show additional chargeable items. Final prices for selected pools & accessories will be reflected on the actual contract. Special pricing for this package ('Optimum' Pool Package) is subject to change without notice.    HIC # 13VH00923100