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Everyone wants to swim in a perfectly cleaned pool. While manual vacuuming is still an option, advances in technology have allowed us to see an increase in Robotic Pool Cleaners. With so many cleaners to choose from, pool owners get confused. Pool Town is happy to offer the 2 pool cleaners that we are confident will keep your pool clean. Our experience tells us that you do not have to spend $1,500 or more to get a great pool cleaner. Contact your Pool Town Professional with any questions.

Navigator V-Flex

Easy to Use and Install

The Navigator® V-Flex™ automatic suction pool cleaner delivers more power, reliability and performance than ever. Equipped with patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology, Navigator V-Flex can pick up larger dirt and debris more effectively than any other cleaner on the market for peace of mind of clog-free cleaning.

  • Features self-adjusting variable vanes for easy handling of larger debris
  • Energy-efficient design maximizes suction power at lower flow
  • Exclusive patented SmartDrive preprogrammed steering pattern offers reliable pool coverage, covering floor, walls* and coves.
  • Wide vacuum inlet, unique wing and skirt designed for constant suction power and faster debris pickup
  • Easy to use and install
  • Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port
  • No tools required
  • Powered by existing filtration system, does not require booster pump

XL 600

Cleans Floor, Cove, Walls & Waterline

XL-600 Robotic Pool Cleaner

A self contained Robotic Pool Cleaner that works even when your pool's pump and filter is off. Debris is trapped in the unit's large reservoir, meaning less back-washing of your pool's filter. Your filter will require less cleaning. The XL 600 vacuums, scrubs and circulates your pool water for pennies per operation.

The XL 600 Robotic Pool Cleaner offers the following features.

  • Cleans and Scrubs Floor, Cove, Walls and Waterline
  • 60 Foot Heavy Duty Cord.
  • One and Two Hour Cleaning Cycles
  • Focus Flow for Speedy Cleaning
  • CleanSweep™ Brushes for Cove, Wall and Waterline
  • Top Loading debris reservoir Holds almost 7 Quarts
  • 2 Year Warranty

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